Lectin Free, Mostly Vegan, More Energy!

My Health & How It All Started


I got very sick when I was at university and was exhausted and tired all the time.  From there, I went to numerous doctors and had a variety of blood tests where I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I also had many other issues, but was determined to find ways to feel better, apart from what the doctor prescribed which was antidepressants.

I have now been to many naturopaths and learned to listen to my body.  I stopped having a lot of sugar and cut out all soft drinks and now only drink tea, coffee and water.  I have researched healthier eating, intermittent fasting, yoga, breathing and other exercises that help me feel good.

I enjoy eating vegetables more now and try to have them twice a day, as I normally skip breakfast when I do the intermittent fasting.  I found I have more energy too when I do this.  My tummy seems to react easily to foods and drinks I have, so I’ve learned to listen to it and avoid sweet stuff as often as possible.

When a naturopath did a intolerance test on me, my main intolerances were dairy, egg and leek.  So these are what I avoid every day.  Sometimes it’s difficult when you travel and have limited options, but I also try to be prepared and take a lot of snacks with me.  As I also had intolerances to yeast, I avoid most breads and have found an awesome organic bakery called Seeds of Life in the Gold Coast that I highly recommend.

My parents had a big influence on me as well as they went through my being sick journey too and learned a lot about health.  My dad now makes his own Colloidal Silver and has built our own zapper, which cleanses the blood.  So they have always been into healthy options and looking after yourself by eating right and exercising.  So I learned as well that one person doesn’t usually have all the answers and it’s ok to read and research about food and health.

For Christmas 2019, one of my best friends gave me a book called ‘The Plant Paradox’ and this book changed my thinking about health again.  So I decided to create this website and blog, to share my experiences and learnings about health so that it may be able to assist someone else too who may benefit from this.

I’ve found that going lectin free and taking the Gundry MD products and supplements has given me so much more energy than what I remember having before.  So now I share lectin free recipes, products and reviews from what I have tried.  Keep an eye out for my next recipe or product review…