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Gluten Free Vegan Sugar Free Cookies

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These gluten free vegan sugar free cookies are my favourite quick, easy, healthy biscuit recipe.  I also love that they’re lectin free, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and tasty.  They are also so quick and easy to make that they are my go-to when I don’t have much time, but need a healthy biscuit snack.

I first saw the recipe on Instagram shared by Lakanto.  I have been following Lakanto now for a while or since I started going lectin free and use most of Lakanto’s sugar substitutes now.  They use Monkfruit and erythritol as sweeteners which are natural, like Stevia and recommended by Dr Gundry as great sugar alternatives.

The recipe was originally on the wellness.com website as Maple Tahini Cookies, but the full recipe doesn’t seem to show anymore which is weird.  Anyway, I saved it before it disappeared, here’s the recipe:

Gluten Free Sugar Free Maple Tahini Cookies


To Garnish:

All ingredients can also be found on the iHerb website here OR through Amazon

Even though you preheat the oven to 170° I like to go a bit hotter, so do 180 – 200° and then also leave them in for another 5 mins after you turn off the oven. So cook for 15-20 mins. You can also tell they’re done when they go a bit brown on top.

Makes 12 – 14 cookies.

So if you’ve been looking for a healthy, gluten free vegan sugar free cookies recipe, this one is so easy and quick to do.

Thank you Wellbeing and Lakanto for first showing me the cookies here: https://www.wellbeing.com.au/body/recipes/3-responsibly-sweet-recipes-lakanto.html

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