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Gundry MD Lectin Shield Review

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When I first bought “Lectin Shield” to try, I was a bit skeptical if it would help with some of the foods I can’t control much to eat. I wanted to share my own personal Gundry MD Lectin Shield review to explain how this product has helped me.

Most Cafes and Restaurants Have Lectins

As many of you probably know, it is very difficult to go out to eat where you can also avoid lectins. Even harder for me when I’m avoiding dairy and egg as well. So I have to admit that I do sometimes have a vegan pastry when we’re out.

When we get invited to family special occasions it can be difficult. I usually try to bring my own food when we stay or visit family, but that can be difficult. This usually means I need to pack my own food and food products to use, as well as a cold bag for the cold products. So even if we just stay one night with family, they usually laugh at me or think of me as weird as I bring so many bags. This could also include my Gundry MD products as well as certain lectin free food and vitamins too.

How Lectin Shield Helps

Going out and knowing my gut will be ok afterwards, is a lot easier now with “Lectin Shield”. I don’t feel as paranoid when I go out with family or friends to a cafe or restaurant. I still will only ask for vegan food options or make sure the food is dairy free and egg free. When I’m not sure what oil it’s cooked in, what flour or sugar they’ve used, I still feel ok as I just take 2 lectin shield straight after the meal.

I notice that when I do take lectin shield after eating foods with lectins or normal sugars, I don’t get the cramps that normally come later that night or even the next day. This means I’m very grateful for this product as it means I’m more comfortable going out and eating. I always make sure I have plenty of Lectin Shield available for when I need it though.

Gundry MD Lectin Shield Review Video

gundry md lectin shield review

If you’re a person who also experiences the effects of lectins with stomach cramps or running to the bathroom not long after you have eaten something which wasn’t healthy, then I highly recommend this product.

If you normally get cramps or an upset stomach after eating certain foods, try lectin shield to see if it will help with that. The recommended dose is 2 tablets twice daily with your largest meals. I usually just take it after a meal I know would have lectins in it and affect my gut later.

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