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Healthy Dark Chocolate Bars

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I Used To Struggle Finding Healthy Dark Chocolate Bars

Have you been looking for healthy dark chocolate bars and not had much luck?

Well I have been there too.

Ever since I got incredible tummy pain after eating some cadbury favourites, I’ve been searching for healthier options.  Where could I find a healthy dairy free chocolate I could have that wouldn’t upset my stomach?

As I later found out that I was highly intolerant to dairy, I started to try vegan chocolate and dairy free chocolate.  Those chocolates would still give me a little pain afterwards, so I then tried organic vegan chocolate.  I found that would still give me slight pain as well.  By this point I had decided to give up and had basically resorted to avoiding chocolate, which would include any chocolate deserts or biscuits as well.

I Finally Found Some Healthy Dark Chocolate Bars!

When I saw that Dr Gundry had created his own chocolate which is lectin free as well as dairy free, I was excited to try it.  But I was frustrated because every time I went to purchase some, it was sold out.

Then I was finally able to purchase some, so I got 3 boxes, even though I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

When I tried this healthy dark chocolate bar, it was like the perfect chocolate with the perfect amount of sweetness.  It had an added bonus of slight crunchiness from the sorghum crisp pieces which are added to it as well.  With only natural sugars from erythritol, inulin and stevia, it doesn’t have much sweetness.  It also doesn’t seem to affect my tummy at all.

I shared the chocolate with family and friends and they also loved that it wasn’t as sweet as usual chocolate.  I know there’s a lot of people with health issues that have to watch what they eat. They feel like they miss out on a lot of goodies and treats now, just like I was.  That’s why I just had to share and hope that you can now enjoy a little treat without any side effects like I used to get too.

Enjoy! and just remember, that it can sell out from time to time.  Probably because it’s so good!

Just click the link here to go to the Dr Gundry MD website using my special Ambassador product discount link!

Click on the “Shop” tab up the top and scroll down to “Food”.  Then at the bottom of the Food page you’ll find the “Gundry MD Sorghum Crisp Chocolate Bars”.  So enjoy these healthy dark chocolate bars!

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