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Supine Pigeon Yoga Pose

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Why is the supine pigeon yoga pose important and how does it help your body?

Well, I didn’t even know about this pose until I started a easy yoga class in Burleigh, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.  He explains the benefits of this pose and how it helps keep your body flexible as you get older.  The yoga teacher also explained that it’s know to reduce sciatica pain that can go down the back of your legs.

I wanted to share an educational video on how to do the supine pigeon yoga pose for a close friend who has had issues with sciatica.  This pose has been know to help and prevent sciatica, so I hope this helps if you have this issue, or even if you just want to learn to stretch more.


This is the website where I have learned yoga.  They have classes all over Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia.

Australian School of Meditation and Yoga – https://asmy.org.au/

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