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Why I Went Mostly Vegan

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This is my short story of getting sick and tired, then having gut issues and trying many different options, as well as searching the internet for what could help me.  I always found Naturopaths the most helpful with the most natural answers and solutions that seemed to work the best.  I have always believed that we can heal ourselves from whatever illness we have, we just haven’t come across the solution yet.  I believe in God or universal energy or whatever you prefer to call it and know that it’s loving.  So we wouldn’t have been created and put on this planet without a solution to every problem and every illness.  So I believe there is a natural cure for every illness we have, we just normally get the illness to correct our course of what we’re currently doing or eating to put us back on track.  Why I went mostly vegan is for a few reasons and I’ll explain them here.

When I was sick at University and found out I had too much candida in my body and the doctors could only offer me antidepressants, I was taken off all sugars by this Naturopath.  That’s when I stopped buying soft drink and could no longer drink cow’s milk.  He had taken me off normal milk and I had been drinking soy milk and couldn’t seem to go back as the taste of cows milk wasn’t nice anymore.  I also experimented with other milks like rice milk, lactose free milk, oat milk, coconut milk, cashew milk and almond milk.

I tried to watch what I ate from the moment on and made sure I always got enough sleep.  I would still get bloating, cramps and fatigue at different times and it got to the point where my sister had had enough and asked if I’d had a food intolerance test done.  I had heard of them, but had never had one done, so with the health fund I was with at that time, I went to the website and looked up Naturopaths that were close to me and looked at what they offered.

That was when I found Romi Hellingrath who offered ‘Food Allergy Intolerance‘ tests.

When I went in to see her, I have everything done including the consultation, food allergy intolerance test, live blood analysis, with an iris, tongue and nail test.  She then gave me my results to keep on a card, which showed that I was highly intolerant to Cow’s Milk and Whole Egg.  I was also moderately intolerant to Leek, Legume Mix and Yeast, where she also said to treat those as if highly intolerant as well and just avoid them altogether.

I wasn’t eating a lot of meat anyway at that time and had chosen to completely go off cows meat as it always made me feel heavy and lethargic after I ate it and I went to an agriculture college and no longer wanted to see cattle breed for food and wanted to reduce animal cruelty.  It still breaks my heart when I see big trailers carrying cattle and see them trapped in there where they were probably going to the slaughter house.

I used to love eggs, so after I found this out, I stopped eating eggs and was thinking of going vegan.  My husband still likes his meat though, so occasionally we’ll have chicken or even lamb, but now I think we have more meat when we visit people who are serving it up as I just don’t buy it much anymore.  As the husband loves lamb, we get that about once a month or longer and I always make sure I get organic, grass fed.

So if you’re experiencing bloating, cramps and fatigue, I highly recommend either visiting a Naturopath or reading The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain (The Plant Paradox) which explains how and why your body reacts to certain foods.  If you’re on a budget, the cheaper option is the book, which you can also get from the library.  Listen to your body, which is what I’ve learned to do more of too as it will tell you what foods are helpful or harmful by how it reacts after you eat.

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