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The Plant Paradox Book Review

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The Plant Paradox by Steven Gundry MD

How I Got Started With The Plant Paradox Book

A close friend of mine gave me this book for Christmas in 2019 called “The Plant Paradox” by Dr Steven Gundry, MD.  She had heard how I was having some health issues and I was looking at different options to what would work for me. I don’t think I ever would have got the book myself because I had heard about it, but it didn’t sound right that some vegetables shouldn’t be eaten.  So restricting certain vegetables to improve your health I thought was silly. As I had the book now anyway, it intrigued me, so I decided to start reading it.   After I started, I had trouble putting it down.  Everything Dr Steven Gundry was saying resonated with me and made sense the way he explained it, which is in great detail as well.

Changing Food Habits and Lifestyle

So I decided to slowly start changing to food and liquids that were in line with The Plant Paradox diet and lifestyle.  This was a bit difficult due to having a husband that didn’t really have health issues like I had.  He was happy to go along with it though and would just eat whatever I bought and cooked to eat.  I would read parts of the book to him as well and he agreed that it made sense.  I also do most of the grocery shopping anyway, so changing to lectin free foods has been slow, but easy for us.So as suggested in the book, I first started cutting out foods rather than adding them.  So I started cutting out some foods with a lot of lectins as well as reducing my bread intake.  We also switched to Sourdough bread, but there are some companies that now do Lectin Free bread or bread mixes.  Or you can make your own at home.  Dr Gundry now has his own bread mix which I get often, as you can also use it for bread rolls and Cinnamon Rolls.I also started changing over the sugar I used, which was coconut sugar.  I thought coconut sugar was a healthier sugar, but decided to follow his recommendations of what to use instead.  This included the Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweeteners. They also have a maple syrup and golden syrup which has been great as well.  

He states in the book that you start with a three day cleanse, which resets your gut.  Then after that, he shows many food options and recipes to help start your journey of going lectin free.  So let’s see how it goes.

The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain (The Plant Paradox)

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